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Condominium Real Estate is the new trend of real estate in Uganda

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Written by: wmutenza

This is probably the best time to invest in Uganda real estate. This was echoed by the new developer on the scene. Clive Keffold is entering the market with a new style and targeting then new rise of Uganda’s middle class looking for modern, exclusive, class and a bit of the West in their apartment.

Uganda has a deficit housing units of over 550,000. 160,000 of which are in Kampala and for that reason we decided to take advantage of this market gap. We are joining some developers already established and introduce our new luxury and trendy style to the market under condominium arrangement.

We have also partnered with local banks which will offer loans to those willing to take on a loan to buy their dream property.

Clive is developing an exclusive development of 76 luxury Units on a spectacular hilltop site with uninterrupted views to Lake Victoria, set in 3.4 acres of landscaped gardens.

Jakana Heights will bestow its tenants a swimming pool and spa centre, retail, kindergarten with top range modern style finishes. Apart from the swimming pool and pool side coffee bar, it includes exercise room, gym, games room, clubhouse, and sauna and steam room for relaxation and shops for your everyday needs.

You don’t even have to leave for work, Jakana heights development include a board room and meeting rooms that can be booked and concierge staff to help organize your work and home life. Everything you need is on site to choose the lifestyle that you want.

At the top of Konge Hill with easy access to the centre of Kampala, Speke Resort on Lake Victoria and

Munyonyo. Existing excellent transport links to the airport at Entebbe will be further enhanced with the completion of the new ultra-modern Entebbe highway and Munyonyo-Kajansi spur which will come close to the foot of Konge Hill and reduce the journey to Entebbe to a quick and easy drive.

The development is only offer at the off-plan arrangement where off plan buyers can enjoy a large discount to the market value of the completed flat, and acquire their property with instalments, over the course of the construction process with the last payment made upon completion.

The rental market in Kampala is currently strong and growing, driven by international companies and organisations, particularly expat executives arriving into the city in increasing numbers in the run up to oil production. This will be also an added bonus for those buying as an investment asset.

Clive was quoted “Enjoy the luxuries and lifestyles the West can offer and have these at a home in Uganda. And this can be expatriates, Ugandans coming back from the West or Ugandans who wants a better standard of living. Standing in the sunshine and looking over to Lake Victoria, I don’t need to tell you that there are many great reasons for moving here, but there are also some things which for me are needed to make a home here the perfect place to live. One is clean air, and another is a well-organized, well-functioning environment. Well up here on the top of Konge Hill with the lake below, the air is clean and fresh because we are high enough about the city not to be effected by pollution and that is why I decided to build a community up here of well-organized apartments with well-functioning services.”

Jakana Heights will be exhibiting at the 2018 UK-Uganda Trade and Investment Convention (UCUK), which will take place on the 15th of September at the Troxy Arena-London, under the main theme “Driving Trade, Unleashing Investment and Enhancing Economic Development: The Gateway to Ugandan Markets”.  The UK Uganda Trade and Investment Convention (UCUK) is a prestigious annual business conference and exhibition designed specifically:

  • To promote and facilitate bilateral trade between the United Kingdom, Europe, the Diaspora with Uganda,
  • To facilitate foreign direct investment in Uganda and,
  • To provide a platform for businesses to expand into new markets and
  • Promote British businesses exporting to Uganda.


UCUK 2018 will gather key economic players including government delegations, high-profile leaders, project developers and international investors. The event will cover 10 economic sectors, particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, health, fintech, tourism and natural resources sectors. The event has a well-structured format for facilitating peer-to-peer engagement, for more advanced deal-making, co-investments, strategic partnerships, and business networking.

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