Adding a project seeking investment, or registering as an investor to search the Dashboard for new investment opportunities is quick and easy and FREE. Please follow the relevant instructions below depending on whether you are Seeking Investment or an Investor seeking new Investment Opportunities in Uganda.

Our team has developed perhaps the largest network of investors focused on East Africa. These investors cover all spectra of the investment universe including venture capital, private equity and listed equity, debt instruments and African fund investors and have mandates covering all parts of the African continent.

Create New Investment Opportunity

Create New Investment Opportunity
  • A Name for Internal Use only - Not displayed to investors
  • Create Enticing Headline that will Appeal to investors - This is the Data that they see First.
  • Select
  • Provide Detailed Overview of Your Business, The Reason for seeking Investment, Proposed Use of Funds, Future Business Growth Plans and Your Competitive Advantage etc
  • It is very Important to Highlight your Team Members, and Relevant Career History and Track Record in the Industry. Investors play Enormous Emphasis on the Track Record of Team Members
  • Summarise the Company's Historic Financial Records (if not a Start Up) and Future Forecasts and Note whether a Business Plan and Cash Flow Model is available etc.
  • Outline Market Factors e.g. Size, Trends, Competition and Opportunities

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