Why Attend?

Why Attend?

Why Attend?

Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities.

Why Sponsor Us?

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Who Attends

Who Attends

Why Uganda?


      Gain industry insight

      Private bilateral meetings

      Exhibition Opportunities

      Networking Sessions

      • Provide a platform for a public and private sector dialogue among U.K. and Ugandan government officials and private sector leaders
      • Expand opportunities for partnerships between businesses from the United Kingdom and Uganda through meeting facilitation
      • Attend a ‘one stop shop’ opportunity to capitalise and take advantage of the best property deals, services and gain insight from industry experts.
      • Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities
      • Dedicated networking sessions
      • Build and strengthen crucial future business relationships, networks and partnerships
      • Senior government officials: Heads of state, ministers, heads of RECs, investment promotion agency leaders, and policy makers from Africa and beyond
      • Executive-level global business leaders, including: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, Presidents, MDs, VPs, Government Relations/ Investment Banking
      • Financiers and investors: investment banks, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices, UHNWIs, operators
      • International governmental organisations and multilateral agencies
      • Professionals services: consultants, legal advisors, risk consultants, academics
      • Leading international, regional and local media and publications
      • Innovators and disruptors
      • Venture capital investors
      • Policy makers and political leaders from across Africa
      • Central bankers and regulators
      • Banking and finance
      • professionals
      • Development finance
      • institutions (DFIs)
      • Economists, academics, and thought leaders from across tech and finance
      • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI enthusiasts
      • Law firms involved in FinTech
      • Uganda’s potential: An evaluation of the market and economic robustness.
      • Economic reforms and privatisation agenda and progress.
      • Incentives, opportunities and benefits in the new established Uganda Free Zones Authority (UFZA)
      • Ministers to discuss incentives and favourable polices.
      • Invest in affordable housing with a s little as £19,000 with ROI of over 25% within one year.
      • Where to invest: Priority areas of industrial investment and opportunities.
      • Investment opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing, FMCG, infrastructure, real estate, technology, tourism and hospitality sectors.
      • Closing energy gaps: Opportunities in renewable energy, Oil and Gas sectors.
      • Investing in the financial sector.
      • Uganda Investment Authority to discuss Investment Incentives and Guarantees for foreign companies.
      • Latest divestments, M&A deals and JVs.
      • stable, liberalised economy
      • strong natural resource base
      • government commitment to private sector
      • low cost workforce
      • part of 2 regional blocs which increases the potential consumer base
      • attractive investment policies
      • Access to EAC, with a market of over 135 million consumers with a total GDP of USD84.7 billion.

      There are loads of reasons why you should virtually attend Uganda-UK Convention 2021 this year. Here, we’ve assembled a list of reasons why you can’t afford to miss a show that – virtually- will connect you with the entire business community looking to expand to Uganda (East Africa).

      • “Control the Narrative: Uganda is the Land of Opportunity”: Pivoting the role of the Ugandan Diaspora from family remitters to financial and social investors
      • Support Ugandan and UK businesses in bilateral trade, business and investment
      • Create a platform for trade, business and investment between Uganda and Europe (UK) and promote and facilitate access to trade opportunities in Uganda (East Africa) for Ugandan and European (UK) investors, including one-to-one meetings
      • To maintain a dialogue with business organisations who can promote trade opportunities in Uganda, including the Federation of Small Businesses, Chambers of Commerce, the Institute of Directors, the Confederation of British Industry and the City of London.
      • Promote Ugandan exports and identify export opportunities, so that the export earnings close the gap with the import demand and promote the transformation of Uganda from a current consuming nation into a producing nation. We will also engage closely with the Ministry of Finance and Investment Authority in Uganda for advice and information.
      • Encourage investments in the key sectors, i.e. education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, housing, sports, tourism and many more.
      • Exhibit and celebrate the rich diversity of their cultural heritage and encourage Ugandans to be more active as ambassadors for Uganda’s culture – food, clothes, social life etc.
      • Inspire Ugandans in the Diaspora to engage in entrepreneurial activity while connecting them to potential collaborators, mentors and business partners
      • Encouragement of youth involvement (to understand their culture/language and the importance of upholding Uganda’s visions, promoting the entrepreneurial opportunities for them in Uganda and encourage them to have a voice and be part of the policymaking process
      • Encourage Ugandans in the Diaspora to promote a positive image of their nation
      • Seek investment opportunities in public and private organizations within Uganda, the United Kingdom and Europe and inform Ugandans in the Diaspora about such opportunities
      • Increase remittances inflows through targeted investment products for Diasporas
      • Mobilize the Ugandan business communities in the Diaspora for investment and trade in Uganda
      • Promote Career and Job opportunities in Uganda (addressing the challenges of ‘brain drain’); Skills Data Bank (holds CVs of qualified Ugandans around the world); Online Career Guidance service (to foster diversity of skills and encourage young Ugandans into the labour force); Project Announcements (to increase awareness of Ugandan-led projects); Matching of professional skills available in Uganda diasporas and job offers in Uganda·
      • Devise and organise programs to create stronger cohesion, cooperation, and foster a spirit of unity and support between various tribal Ugandan communities in the UK. This is a big priority to ensure the long-term success of Diaspora members.
      • Work closely with private and government organs to assist in creating the “enabling environments” for Diaspora engagement, including policies and programs affecting return, retention, virtual participation/contributions and investment in development.
      • How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

      Should you have any questions please contact us on 020 7237 7317 or email info@ugandanconventionuk.org

      • Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

      No, for you to gain access to the event the name given for your ticket/registration must match the person who is attending. You are, however, able to transfer your pass into someone else’s name, see below.

      • Can I update my registration information?

      If you would like to change any details for your badge, please email info@ugandanconventionuk.org with this request.

      • Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

      Yes, your pass can be transferred into someone else’s name as long as this is done more than 2 weeks in advance of the event. To do so please email info@ugandanconventionuk.org with this request.

      • Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

      No, once registered your badge will be available for collection on the badge collection desks at the entrance of the venue.

      • Do I need A VISA?

      To find out whether you require a visa please check the UK Border Agency website which can be accessed at https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

      It is highly recommended that you apply for your visa in good time before the conference as the British Visa system can be slow. If you require an international invitation letter for visa purposes, please send us an email on info@ugandanconventionuk.org

      • Do you provide sponsorship to attend UCUK?

      Unfortunately, we do not provide sponsorship for prospective delegates to attend UCUK.

      Click to watch video | Previous Speakers

      Trade Envoy to Uganda

      Suzan Kereere
      Head of Global Merchant, Visa Inc.

      Queen Sylvia Nagginda
      The Nabagereka of Buganda

      Lars P. Jensen
      Country Manager, COLAS, Uganda

      Previous Speakers

      Zain Latif
      Founder of TLG Capital

      Martin Labbé
      Manager, International Trade Centre

      Lord Sheikh
      House of Lords

      Dr. Ismail Ahmed
      Founder, WorldRemit

      Previous Speakers

      Virraj Jatania
      Co-Founder & CEO – Pockit

      Lynda Chalker
      Baroness Chalker of Wallasey

      Subhash Thakrar
      X-Chairman, London Chamber of Commerce

      Amin Mawji OBE
      Aga Khan Development Network

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