Relocating to Uganda: brief guide

Relocations to Uganda are increasing as its many emerging markets continue to develop in Africa. An estimated nine million expats currently live in Africa and that includes Diasporas, and removals have mirrored this growth over recent years.

Once you have obtained your visa or work permit, you may be considering shipping personal effects. Shipping by sea is the most economical method of transporting your belongings, but it isn`t the only one. Companies (Salabed and Mugalu Cargo) in the UK are able to cater for moving your possessions from anywhere in the UK to your new home. Whether you are looking at taking a few pieces by air or sending the entire contents of your home and/or business, various international removals companies are able to offer a tailor-made solution to your relocation needs.

The following points are worth considering when selecting your removal company:

  • Your chosen removal company should be able to offer a free in-home pre-move survey with a qualified estimator, upon which your quotation will be based. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all items that you wish to take are known to the surveyor, including items which may not be at the address. Insist on this.
  • When comparing quotes, ensure it`s on a like-for-like basis. If something isn`t clear or there are discrepancies, ask the remover why and get them to explain any element of the service not discussed with the surveyor
  • Once the removal company is chosen, contact them to advise that they have been selected and check their availability to carry out the move on your preferred dates, providing as much notice as possible
  • Ensure that the removal company has insurance to cover you in case of any accident.
  • The removal company will now book the method of transporting the goods, be it by sea or air. They can normally provide you with provisional transit information at this stage

Now for the move date: this should be straightforward, as the house will have been assessed and the crew will have all the information and materials required to complete your move.

  • The goods will be transported by whichever means selected to their destination port or airport, where the appointed destination agent will guide you through customs clearance
  • The destination agent is there to help you and will contact you to confirm the arrival of your effects and what the next steps of the moving process will be
  • It`s worth noting that each country has its own specific customs rules and regulations. Your removal company will provide all the information that is necessary to obtain customs clearance
  • After customs clearance has been granted, your consignment will be delivered to your home, where the agent will arrange for your effects to be unpacked and unwrapped as you require and any debris taken away

Following the above steps will ensure that your overseas relocation from door to door is as smooth and trouble-free as possible and your effects are delivered safely to your new home.