Kampala Today

Kampala is the capital city , social hub and the country’s largest Urban centre .Just like Rome, Kampala is built on 7 hills.The beautiful fertile hills provide a living history, its definition and furnish unique points of orientation and identity.
Kampala city derived it’s name from the luganda word kasozi ka mpala -hill of antelopes reference to the domestic Impala that cropped the lawns of Mengo during Mutesa’s reign

In the first decade of the post – Independence era, Kampala was widely regarded to be the show piece of the East African community : a spacious garden city with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and bustling trade . It was a cultural and educational Centre , with Makerere University regarded as the academic heart of East Africa. Under President Amin, however , Kampala ‘s status started to deteriorate, especially after the Asian Community was forced to leave Uganda . By 1986, when the civil war ended, Kampala was in complete chaos:skeletal buildings scarred with bullet holes dotted the town centre , shops and hotels were boarded up after wide spread looting and public services had ground to a halt , swamped by the huge influx of migrants from war -torn parts of the country .

You can get travel to Kampala by flying in,railway , boat and by road .

There are 3 religious hills, Rubaga hill for Catholics, Namirembe for Protestants and Kibuli for Muslims.

Administrative hills include Nakasero and Kololo while Makerere is home to the University Campus.

On the other hand, Mengo hosts Buganda Kingdom Palace.

Tourists information
Nakasero Market
:located at Market street in the city centre between Entebbe road and Dustur street .
Plunge into the heart of the city to experience the sounds and colour of Uganda . Here you can find a variety of huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables , mostly indigenous to Uganda . Across the street is a lower market , full of spices , legumes , grains , and hand -made house hold items . this market is surrounded by a number of shops or dukas , where you find every thing for the home . Hard ware, sanitary -ware and electrical shops surround the area. make sure you negotiate hard , as the prices might be hiked up for a new person shopping in the market.

Crafts Village:Behind the National theatre , De Winton Road .041233187.

If you wish to browse through bountiful unique and witty souvenirs , made by Ugandans or imported from the neighbouring countries , this is the place. Be ready for hours of sheer viewing pleasure . Do not hesitate to negotiate the price for the Items you choose.

Owino Market :Between Nakivubo place and kafumbe Mukasa Road .You forgot your party clothes at home, and every one else is looking trendy? Owino market is the place to buy designer clothes and shoes if you dont mind the being second hand .The experience is fascinatingand you will possibly be able to buy back some thing of your own! Beware of pick pocketersand please leave your jewelry behind.

Kasubi Tombs : Hoima road , left turn 1km after Nakulabye round about .

The Kasubi Tombs is a huge dome -like structure that houses the remains of four former Buganda Kings :Mutesa I, Mwanga II,Daudi Chwa II ,and Edward Mutesa II. It was constructedin a traditional fashion with thatch poles and reeds , the structure houses a variety of artifacts that belonged to the Kings . The site is looked aftre by the descendants of the Kings’ wives.

Naggalabi Buddo Coronation site:Masaka road , left turn at king’s college Buddo
The panoramic hill top at Naggalabi Buddo is the historic heatr of Buganda .It was here that the kingdom begn , at the dawn of the 14th century and it is here that every Kabaka is still crowned to this day.

wamala Tombs :
Hoima road , right turn from Nakulabye round about .

Set on a hill top in a beautiful sorrounding , Wamala King’s Tombs are the sacred burial place of Kabaka Suuna II. Kabaka Sunna was a powerfull ruler , with a fearsome reputation for punishment .His death heraldede a golden age by bringing Kabaka Mutesa I to the throne.

Kabaka’s Lake : Ndeeba , between Ring road and Nabunya Road . This lake was dug out on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880′sas an ‘escape corridor’ to lake victoria, but the actual link to the big lake was driven from his capital by muslims dissenters.
This is the largest excavated lake in Africa.

Kabaka’s palace & Office :Kabakanjagala Road.This interesting feature consists of two large palaces,connected by a straight road . When walking from Bulange – home to Mengo- office , pay attentiona to the round about : the straight road in the middle is for Kabaka’s use onlyas the local superstition says he must not turn a corner on this route.

half -way from the round about towards mengo , you will find a large garden on the right -hand side . This is home to severl large tortoises . If you want to take a picture of these elderly gian beauties , make sure you have some fruits for the tortoises and some money for the keepers.

Martyrs’Shrine :Left turn off Jinja road at Kireka Tel 041285504
the spot wherin 1886 more than 20 newly converted christians were burnt alive following the command of kabaka Mwanga II after refusing to renounce the white man’s religion. Majority of the martyrs were kabaka’s pages, and were sent to death for his fear of losing the throne .
St .

Baha’i Temple :
Kikaaya off Bukoto (041540511)

The only temple of it ‘s own in Africa. It has its unique norms as compared to other
Religious temples and its architecture is so unique. It’s compound has got a superb
Panoramic view of Kampala and the sorrounding country side.

Hindu Temple :
8/10Snay bin Amir Street

It is close to Nakasero market, this sandstone building was made without the use of a
Single nail Adorned with ornaments and symbols, it lights up with thousands of fairy lights
during Diwali and other religious festivals.

Orthodox Church: Namugoona hoima road (041256036)
It was built by the donations from Greek and Cypriot families living in Uganda , this little church is located about twenty minutes drive from the city centre .

St.Paul’s Namirembe Cathedral :Cathedral road, off Willis Road Namirembe Hill (041270212)

Since 1892 , churches have been built on top of Namirembe hill.
With a spectacular view of Kampala, St. Paul’s cathedral (Anglican)
was constructed between the year 1915and 1919 with Kabaka Daudi
chwa11 presiding over the ground- breaking as well as the consecration ceremony

St. Mary’s Cathedral:
cathedral road , off Willis road namirembe hill.

It is a so ravishing church which graces the hill top of Rubaga,
previously the site for royal palace of Kabaka Mutesa .
It was constructed between 1914 and 1925 with the help of the Catholics’
donations from abroad .

Kibuli Mosque:

It is surrounded by the serenity of the palm trees , so beautiful the structure is
atop the Kibuli hill and is the centre of the Islamic faith in Uganda.

Makerere University :
Off Makerere hill road .

This is the oldest and most prestigious university
In East and Central Africa. Campus grounds stretch over Makerere hill and
The main hall stands at the top, overlooking Kampala in all it’s grace and beauty.

The Uganda Railway station:

The unique and beautiful building has seen millions of people and thousands
Of adventures pass through it’s gates since 1931,when the first train ,
“lunatic line ” arrived in Kampala.

Hotels and Guest houses in Kampala.