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Overview of the Convention

The Diasporas all over the world have been recognized for their massive contribution to the socio-economic development of their countries of origin. The African Union designated the African Diasporas as the 6th region of Africa and it is no longer possible for any country to ignore the substantial capital that Diasporas have. This capital comes in various forms:

  • Financial capital in form of remittances to relatives, friends and affiliations back home.
  • Intellectual capital in form of skills and knowledge transfer
  • Political capital for lobbying and advocacy for policy formulation to harness development opportunities from different stakeholders for the benefit of the home country.
  • Social capital in form of networks and time for volunteering opportunities
  • Cultural capital by promoting cultural ambassadors that market the home country through music, language and art.

The forum brings together experts, business leaders, professionals and representatives from prominent organisations based in Uganda, the UK and internationally. Delegates have access to up-to-date information on the vast potential for investment that Uganda offers to both the domestic and international community. They can acquire business tips, obtain relevant literature on priority sectors for investment, take part in an interactive Q & A session and hear about the realities of doing business in Uganda.

If you are interested in investment opportunities, the event will help you to:

  • Gain key insights and trends from industry experts
  • Breakdown challenges and access guidelines on investment opportunities in Uganda
  • Learn how to navigate various sectors’ business and investment opportunities
  • Network with other delegates interested in diversifying their portfolios
  • Meet key industry leaders, policy makers, and other creative business thought leaders
  • Explore the options available to grow your businesses
  • Highlight the commercial gaps in an economically ripe industry
  • Access networking opportunities with government officials, current and potential investors, private sector companies, inter-governmental and multilateral organisations, consultancies and advisory firms, and other stake-holders, including high level speakers.
  • Gain access to opportunities for scheduled and  one-to-one meetings with our VIPs

Our Vision

Uganda Convention UK’s vision is to harness the tremendous skills, expertise and knowledge base of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development back in Uganda. The Ugandan Convention provides a platform for exchange of views and networking to Ugandan Diasporas on matters of common interest and concern to them. The Convention also helps the Government of Uganda to better understand and appreciate the expectations of Ugandan Diasporas community from the land of their ancestors and more importantly, acknowledge the important role played by them in Uganda’s efforts to acquire its rightful place in the community of nations.



  • Promote the exchange of information, research and expertise and encourage new business interaction and relationships and to foster an environment for embracing our passion and commitment for the country.
  • To inspire a new generation of Diasporans engaging responsibly with Uganda
  • To bring together people that have found or are seeking innovative approaches
  • To mobilize the Ugandan Diasporas to transfer knowledge, skills and technologies to Uganda to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development
  • Identify potential opportunities in Uganda and mobilise Ugandans in the Diaspora to invest back home and increase the role of Ugandan Diaspora in Uganda’s development
  • Seek investment opportunities in public and private organizations within Uganda, the United Kingdom and Europe and inform Ugandans in the Diaspora about such opportunities
  • Utilize the intellectual and financial capital of the Diaspora for the purpose of improving the livelihood of all Ugandans
  • Raise awareness of financial services available for small to medium sized businesses in Uganda and the United Kingdom
  • Lobby and influence the Ugandan government to tap into the “vast expertise” of Ugandan professionals in Europe, and  hasten Uganda’s socio-economic development
  • Encourage Ugandans in the Diaspora to promote a positive image of their nation
  • Mentor Ugandan youths in the Diaspora to instil in them a sense of nationalism and become responsible citizens
  • Create awareness of scholarship programs designed for the development of Uganda
  • Inspire and encourage a unity among Ugandans in Europe
  • To demonstrate and promote philanthropy in Uganda as an integral strategy for permanent wealth-creation for social development

Principal Goals:

  • Increase remittances inflows through targeted investment products for Diasporans
  • Reverse the concept of brain drain to brain gain by tapping into the huge pool of Ugandan professionals
  • Encourage investments in the key sectors, i.e. education, health, housing, sports, tourism and many more
  • Work in partnership with the Uganda government to set up  major development strategies
  • Mobilize the Ugandan business communities in the Diaspora for investment and trade in Uganda
  • Exhibit and celebrate the rich diversity of their cultural heritage and encourage Ugandans to be more active as ambassadors for Uganda’s culture – food, clothes, social life etc
  • Uganda has a wealth of talent in an ever-improving education market, vast natural resources, massive energy producing capabilities, expanding tourism and hospitality services and opportunities to improve infrastructures and construction projects. We are driven by the belief that Africans need to recognise their wealth of potential and work towards attaining self-sufficiency and regaining control of their destiny!

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